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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Work, Wind and Snow

Pickie Terno is looking rather lost and cold lying in my front garden!
Apart from a quick dip in the swimming pool last weekend I haven't managed to get out in her this month!
I was out in the North isle of Sanday re-building a stone gable end this week. The house I was working on is called 'Strangquoy' This tidal race, which is just below the house is called the 'Lashy Sound' and looked pretty exciting this morning!
This is during an Ebb tide running against the strong force 6-7 Northerly winds that was battering us as we were building.

My workmate Damian doing the grafting while I took the photos! Bit cold for building but we were out there to do a job... Below is Lashy Sound again from a distance with the Calf of Eday behind. I haven't paddled this area yet but certainly plan to do so. During the Flood tide there are no standing waves but it does flow nice and fast!

Below is the reason that paddling got scuppered last weekend.. Orkney tradition that if you are getting married the groom gets 'Blackened'(tarred and feathered) and driven around town on the back of a lorry for all to see!.I am not the groom, before any rumours start, I just got involved with a friend's Blackening and you can't help but get in a bit of a mess !
After we all got cleaned up a large drinking session was called for (6.30 AM before I got finished..oops).

Although the wind and snow has returned with vengeance today I really must get out on the sea.. I bought a dry suit weeks ago and have a 4* Leader assessment to get ready for in April!..

Sunday, 7 February 2010

More polo training

Friday evening canoe Polo training, the hardest part being I cant have my after work Guinness till after 10 O' clock! Murder!!! Anyway we had a job to do this week so Graham and me turned up early to stick up our Polo goals that we had made..

Peter guarding my Hepworth goals..

Mine was the lightest so we worked with them as we didn't have much time to spare. Hepworth sink drain pipe was what i used, Graham opted for 2 Inch scaffold pole with key clamp corners! having proper goals will hopefully improve everyone's shooting skills. No one needs that more than myself!Add Image

Graham looking pleased with himself..(I'm scared when he is smiling!)

Although I enjoyed this training session, being quite structured with a proper warm up, ball control practice, an over view of some more rules and a good competitive game, I feel I didn't play very well. Schoolboy errors going for the ball with my paddle, over shooting it and a few dodgy passes. Basically due to a lack of practice and perhaps now I'am starting to take what we do a bit more seriously, knowing that you cant make those errors next week at the Div 2 games.

I like this photo, looks like someone is actually listening to what I am saying..

We have another practise next Friday, then it is our second Polo session of the league on Sunday, I cant wait!

I have also realised that I am getting seriously soft and believe it must be the influence of the 'Far side' who are joining our club.. I bought a 'Dry suit' this week!! Scary..Soon i will have to feel the need to tie my paddle to myself when paddling at Scapa peir!! No, Never..!

On a serious note I like to keep loose rope and cords to a minimum as they are defiantly a danger when upside doon!

I will head out for a walk now its a beautifull day. Scotland v France then!!! Whoop!

Send them home wards tae think again!!

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Polo Goals and Eskimo Rolls....

Whit? no paddle? That's no possible!

Tuesday night in Kirkwall mean KKC pool sessions! Tonight me and graham Summers were going to have a talk about the putting up of Canoe Polo goals in kirkwall swimming pool, so I was hoping our session would be slightly quieter than the 40 people who turned up last week!!

The return of sub zero temp's and snow to orkney kept the numbers lower this week but still a healthy number of hardies braved the elements.

Keen learners

We had one of those long discussions about hanging the goals and decided that we didn't need to speak about anything we just needed to DO IT! So that's what we will do... but another day!!

Dennis demonstrates a nice roll!

It seemed that rolling was the order of the evening and as i looked around there seemed to be more upside-doon boats than the right way up most of the night.. i didn't do a big lot of coaching myself tonight as everyone seemed quite wrapped up in their own self appointed tasks..

Colin makes a successful up righting.

It might be a bit of a cop-out but I quite enjoy watching folk trying their own things and just feeding small bis of info or tips as they go. its also a good way of learning how other people figure thins out for themselves.. everyone seems to do this completely different.

hope you don't mind me putting this in MR B. you were almost up here, after Peter had handed you the paddle when you were already capsized great effort! We all do it though when under pressure for a breath ofair sit up a bit quicker than we would normaly..

Lots of folk put in good work tonight and it was all smiles when in helgies for an apre paddle beverage!