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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday on dry land

Last weekend I found myself in some of the biggest surf I have experienced yet, some sets were 10 foot plus, but unfortunately you will have to take my word for it as I have no photographic evidence!!

Skaill Bay Right on a rather 'flatter' day..

Skaill beach has a variety of different surf spots as it is a bowl shaped bay, giving a reef break on both points a beach break and a bigger reef out the back of the left hand side.

I opted for my favourite spot on the Right where the reef isn't too shallow.

This week Fiona had a weekend 'off work' which is rare, so i stuck to dry land for a few days to keep her company!!

On Sunday we took an invigorating walk along a familiar coast line, although I visit this place several times in a year its unusual that I see it from above.

This is a collapsed cave on the East side of Deerness called 'The gloup', the entrance is a large arch and is a great place to paddle into. Under where Fiona is standing in the photo is a small burn which falls 100 foot bellow over an entrance to a deep cave, With a head torch this is aways a great experience.

The Gloup is only a 10 minute paddle from a large sandy beach making it great paddle for the less experienced paddler as well.

On the way home the winter sky was spectacular as it often is this time of year. This is a view from east side of Holm (pronounced 'ham') Looking towards Churchill Barrier no 1.

I will still get my kayak fix tonight at OSCA pool training where I help out with coaching.

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